Be Bad, Do Good is a step-by-step guide providing the inspiration, resources, and community that girls need in order to launch their own social-impact projects.

The book combines the authors' own experiences of launching the non-profit side-project CRACK + CIDER with stories of other female social-impact founders.

To-date we have had over 600 women reach out to us from Pakistan to Melbourne. 

Why are we doing it? 

After starting the award-winning (and somewhat contentious) non-profit CRACK + CIDER we (Charlotte Cramer and Scarlett Montanaro) have been giving talks and workshops on Social Innovation (Cannes Lions, TEDx, Tate Modern, SXSW) to inspire young women and girls to launch social-impact initiatives of their own. 
We now want to compile what we have learned into a book which will be able to reach more people and ultimately create a global tribe of rebel girls doing good stuff.